Thomas Obungen

Contributing Dining Editor

Thomas Obungen joined the Frolic Hawai‘i team in 2015 as a contributor after a two-year stint in Los Angeles where his passion for seeking out unique and delicious finds was set ablaze. In the years that followed, he rose the ranks to become its associate editor and is now the assistant editor. Prior to Frolic, he worked for an Apple reseller that outfitted Hollywood’s top studios with custom computers, planned obscure costume parties and wrote press releases for the U.S. Navy. He is a graduate of Mililani High School and Hawai‘i Pacific University.


In addition to writing for Frolic Hawai‘i and HONOLULU, Thomas co-owns a boutique marketing agency called Slug Media and works in retail for therapeutic reasons. You can find him power walking through Makiki and Mānoa on most mornings and most likely with an iced coffee in hand.


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