About Us


In 1888, when Hawai‘i was still a monarchy, King David Kalākaua commissioned a magazine under royal charter to be Hawai‘i’s ambassador to the world. That magazine was Paradise of the Pacific. For nearly a century, Paradise of the Pacific promoted local business and tourism by assuring citizens of the United States that the Islands were civilized. In 1966, Paradise of the Pacific became HONOLULU Magazine and shifted focus dramatically. No longer would it be Hawai‘i’s ambassador to the outside world. Instead, it became a magazine by and for the people of the Islands.

HONOLULU is among the handful of publications in the U.S. that have chronicled the events of an entire century. It is, in fact, the oldest magazine in the state of Hawai‘i. In 2013, HONOLULU celebrated its 125th anniversary. Now more than 160,000 local residents turn to the pages of HONOLULU for discerning dining features, revealing profiles, in-depth features, informed commentary and the most trusted “Best of” lists.

A quality, four-color magazine, it reaches Hawai‘i’s best educated and most affluent residents, as well as its most sophisticated visitors. Each month the magazine takes an unblinking look at contemporary issues. HONOLULU writes stories that matter—and stories that celebrate the unique culture, heritage and lifestyle of the Islands. It’s the only magazine in Hawai‘i that does both.

Today, the publication that began with a royal order continues to deliver award-winning coverage—not only in the pages of the top selling monthly magazine in Hawai‘i, but also for a quickly growing online, email and digital audience. Since 2010, HONOLULU has won more than 60 local and national awards, including the prestigious City & Regional Magazine Association’s General Excellence Award.

King Kalakaua