Best of Honolulu 2009

The tastiest baked goods, the best grocery stores, most refreshing drinks and more.

Best Doughnuts

Best Ramen
Best Frozen Yogurt
Best Pie

Bargains, one-of-a-kind finds and splurges—where to go when you need retail therapy.

Best Vintage Jewelry
Best Tobacco Shop
Best Consignment Store
Best Lei Shop

Want to get out of the house? We’ve got the best  from daytrips to nightlife.

Best Open Mic

Best Kid’s Party
Best Live Jazz
Best Seat in the House

It’s a party! Let these skilled professionals help pull off the best bash ever.

Best Baby Luau
Best Wedding Venue
Best Caterer
Best Event Planner

Our readers’ favorite Hawaii people from policymakers to media figures to athletes.

Best Athlete
Best Local Musicians
Best Local Role Model
Best Comedian

Hawaii’s an easy place to  explore outdoors. These winners make it even easier.

Best Golf Spots
Best White-Knuckle Adventure
Best Yoga for Moms-to -Be
Best Stand-up Paddling Lessons

Got the world’s longest to-do list? Let these people help you out.

Best Pet Trainer
Best Financial Advisor
Best Way to Brighten a Wall
Best Realtor

From tango dancing to learning about a boutique vintage jewelry store.  We take you on-site to some of our Best of Honolulu winners.

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