Author: Renee Lee

Best of Honolulu 2010

Honolulu is full of amazing stuff and we found the best of it. From sandwiches to swimming lessons, first dates to funky shoes; think of this as your key to living better and cheaper in the city.

Snack Time... Hawaiian Style

Why spend money buying the same old Mainland-made snacks when there are locally made alternatives that are just as tasty, and healthier?

Restaurant Guide: Feed Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for a place to take Grandpa or a dining room that will let you bring Lassie, here are some restaurants that can satisfy your unique needs.

Web Exclusive: Honolulu Pups

Thinking about getting a new dog? Before you set out to the nearest shelter or pet store, take a look at the five most popular breeds in Honolulu, according to the American Kennel Club.

Best of Honolulu 2009

We've scoured the Islands once more to find the best products, services, food and entertainment, all to help you live better in Honolulu.