Snack Time… Hawaiian Style

Why spend money buying the same old Mainland-made snacks when there are locally made alternatives that are just as tasty, and healthier?




Instead of Lay’s Classic Potato Chips, try the Hawaiian Chip Co.’s Original Taro Chips, made with taro grown on the Big Island. One serving of the taro chips has 7 grams of fat, compared with Lay’s 10, and 50 milligrams of sodium, compared with Lay’s 180 milligrams. And taro is high in antioxidants, complex carbohydrates and fiber.





Try a Big Island Candies’ Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookie, instead of a Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie. Each shortbread contains 85 calories and 4.5 grams of fat, about half of Mrs. Fields’. “You can order from our Web site,” says Lance Duyao, the director of Big Island Candies’ retail operations. “All orders are shipped on the next day.”





Oh Boy! Oberto Teriyaki Beef Jerky contains ingredients like yeast extract, glucose syrup and sodium nitrate. Who has time to learn what those are? Island Preserves Teriyaki Marlin Jerky is “basically just marlin and teriyaki sauce,” says Don Akiyama, the owner of Made in Hawai‘i, the parent company for Island Preserves. “We have five flavors, but teriyaki is our most popular.” Find the jerky at KCC’s Farmers’ Market, or at Made in Hawai‘i’s outlet store (98-718 Moanalua Road).




Ice Cream

Put down the Blue Bunny or Dreyer’s, and pick up Roselani Tropics Ice Cream. Roselani was started more than 100 years ago on Maui and it is still operated by the same family today. “We get our vanilla from the Hawaiian Vanilla Co., our mango puree is processed at the Maui Jelly Factory up the street and our truffles are made at the Maui Culinary Factory at Maui Community College,” says Cathy Nobriga Kim, Roselani’s vice president.





Instead of Nabisco’s Premium Saltine Crackers, try using Diamond Bakery’s Hawaiian Lightly Salted Soda Crackers. They contain 100 milligrams of sodium per serving, compared with the Nabisco brand’s 190 milligrams. Diamond Head’s crackers contain iron, B-vitamins and folic acid. Diamond Bakery has been in the Islands since 1921 and is now baking millions of crackers each week. Diamond Bakery products can be found at all major supermarkets.