Web Exclusive: Top 10 Unique Pet Products

Forget the average squeaky toy or scratching post. It’s time to get your pet something as unique as their personality. We scoured the Web and found these ten pet-pleasing products.


1.    Ever wonder what Toto is up to when you’re at work? Find out with Uncle Milton’s Pet’s Eye View Camera. The lightweight camera attaches to your pet’s collar and snaps photos every 1, 5, or 15 minutes. $47.95 (Uncle Milton’s does not sell directly to consumers; look for the item at www.discoverthis.com.)

2.    Help your dogs stay cool under the Honolulu sun with Body Cooler’s Pet Cooling Mat. Soak the mat in tap water for 10 to 20 minutes, hang dry and it’ll stay cool for days. The mats are $18 to $56, depending on the size. www.bodycooler.com.

3.    Nobody likes poop-duty, especially when your pet’s stomach is a little out of wack. Poop Freeze is an aerosol spray that uses freezing temperatures to solidify the waste. It costs $11.99 at www.petgadgets.com.

4.    Want something that’ll soothe Wisker’s feisty behavior? Organikat’s Premium Organic Catnip is the answer. Their catnip is herbicide and pesticide-free, and the bags it’s packaged in are safe, too; they have been approved by the FDA to handle human-grade food. It’s $3.99, at www.organikat.com.

5.    Encourage Lassie to get back her girlish figure by using the Jog A Dog Treadmill. The designers of the treadmill claim it combines over 30 years of research and input from veterinarians. It runs $1,195 to $2,995 at  www.jogadog.com.

6.    Foil would-be burglars who squeeze through a dog door by installing Pet Safe’s Smart Door. The door unlocks when it recognizes the electronic key on your pet’s collar. It will automatically lock again once your pet has passed through, keeping unwanted visitors out. Prices run $132 to $221, at www.petsafe.net.


7.    Protect your pup’s eyes at the beach with the first the only eye protection designed for dogs. Doggles are made with shatterproof, anti-fog lenses and provide 100-percent UV protection. They are $21.99 at www.doggles.com.

8.    Kick your cat off the couch and back into action with the Panic Mouse 360, an interactive cat toy that moves around in unpredictable jerking motions. It has a digital self-timer that can be set from 15 minutes to two hours. It’s $29.95 at www.panicmouseinc.com.



9.    Calling all laid-back North Shore dogs: Earth Dog’s Hemp Collars are all handmade in the U.S. using hemp. The collars are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and soften with every use. Prices range from $17 to $25 at www.earthdog.com.

10.    This bed is perfect for dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia: Buddy Beds have a memory foam mattress that relieves all pressure points, and a waterproof fabric liner that keeps away bacteria and dust mites. From $279, at www.buddybeds.com.