Way to Brighten a Wall

photo: michael keany

Editors' Pick

Got a wall that’s looking a bit drab? 808Urban will put up a one-of-a-kind aerosol mural wherever you need a little—or a lot—of extra color. You may have seen their “Hawaiian” mural alongside the H1 Freeway in the University area, or the ocean-themed piece on the Miss Hawaii Building in McCully. John Hina started the organization three years ago as a way to get young graffiti writers off the street and onto legal walls. Since the organization is more an educational program than a money-making proposition, there are mural options for any budget. Businesses can have a mural done by students for just the cost of the paint, or have older, more experienced members handle the job for $15 to $25 per square foot. One side benefit for stores sporting an elaborate piece of art: Casual taggers will most often respect it and leave the wall alone. 561-8489, www.808urban.com.