Yoga for Moms-to-Be

In addition to prenatal yoga, Purple Yoga offers infant massage seminars.

photo: mike mcgill

Editors' Pick

What better way to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the experiences of childbirth than yoga? At Purple Yoga, owner Cathy Louise Broda and her fellow yoginis (female yoga experts) teach postures and breathing that prepare mothers-to-be for labor. Broda, who has practiced yoga for 20 years, including during her own two pregnancies, says she loves teaching women to believe in their bodies and act on their internal strength. “We’re very supportive,” she says. “It’s the most amazing thing to see them grow.” Purple Yoga also offers a mom and baby class, as well as regular ashtanga and vinyasa flow classes. 2615 S. King St., Suite A305, 944-8585,