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Photo: David Croxford


Editors’ Pick

After tasting, sipping and slurping our way across town, Gomaichi Ramen came out tops, with its delicious and semispicy, sesame flavored tan tan men. Opened 14 years ago, this popular ramen stop has a line outside its door during lunch hours. The ingredients are homemade by owner Hiroyuki Kimura—during the week, he’s busy making the broth, char siu, shoyu base, sesame base, toppings and even some noodles. “We make an effort to satisfy our customers everyday,” says his wife, Reiko. 631 Keeaumoku St. 951-6666.



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Mar 30, 2009 03:48 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Went there for lunch Saturday 03/28/2009. My family and I were not impressed by the flavor of the soup base. The restaurant is a cash only establishment which places it further down my list of ramen shops not to return to.

Apr 9, 2009 12:28 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

the movie tampopo makes a profound statement when it poses that char siu ramen is the ultimate expression of japanese cooking. it is an art form, a creative act. the char siu ramen at gomaichi is good, better than you'll find in 95% of japanese restaurants in the united states which isn't saying much, but just okay compared to the best of what you find in japan. however, the spicy tan tan men broth here is amazing, by any standard, blending sesame and spices with just a little kick of heat, the best spicy ramen i've ever had. the char siu was bland as it usually is, the noodles were tasty, but the broth was beyond expectations, rich and inventive, a work of art. if you like kim chee ramen, this will send you to heaven.

Dec 5, 2009 05:48 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Excellent Soup. I had very high expectations based on many resources--as we all know--if you're reading this tidbit--you know. I had the waitress recommended Standard One Tan-Tan with Char-Siu. I expected it to be spicy, and that notion turned me off of trying the establishment for months, but it is not too spicy. Haole (but as local as they come, sans real Kama'aina)-boy likes all food, likes a little spice--but not the kind that keeps me awake in the night-aftermath. It is smooth, tasty and easy. I enjoyed, left the establishment, and reflected. . .how good was it? Good enough for a return (esp. to try the Sung Hon Men variety), but I'm not as Gah-Gah as some. I'm a realist--it's really good. If anyone has been slurping the goods over the past ten years in the islands, they'd know that Helen's Chinese on Kapahulu (they retired, and business closed a couple years ago (ancestor worship. . .) had a magnificent "Helen's Special Duck Noodle Soup with Wonton." Unbelievable, and the recipe is retired, unless you're in the family, I suppose. (They did meet all of mine. . .and then some.)

Another great soup, when combined slowly, and sporadically, with provided accoutrements--and still open--is everyone's fave (and still mine (since Helen and Daniel retired))--Hamura's in Lihue. Not only is the "Special" great, but so is the homemade Manapua (go early, and on the right day), and can end the meal with a flourish of dusty, refreshing, shave ice--all for under $10. The great food, the value, the ladies running the establishment, the customers, and the environs make it a can't miss for their melting pot Hawaiian-Style Soup Saimin. On Kress, just off Rice St. (Well documented establishment, lives up to hype of being as good as described above.)

In my world, the soup biz is alive and well. Will taste more diverse establishments, as have Ono Kine Grindz, The Tasty Island, and Chubby Panda's of the world (I read, and very much respect their opinions (based on merit))--and will relay my reflections when time enables. In the meantime try them all. Maybe Kotteri-style on Kapahulu or Nakamura's in Waikiki is next! Eyeballing GoShiGo for noodles, as well.

I want another bowl of soup now. It's been 8-hrs!


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