photo: michael keany


Editors’ Pick

It’s a tiny bakery, but Deluxe Pastry Shop in Kaneohe whips up the island’s best doughnuts—tender, glazed circles that will ruin you for the bready versions available most other places. It’s not just the glazed doughnuts, either—the long johns are amazing, and the éclairs are outrageous.

“Everything is made from scratch, the dough, the custard filling,” says owner Eric Fukuda. “We don’t use ready-made mixes.” There’s heritage in each doughnut, too—Fukuda’s stepfather, Akio Harauchi, who founded Deluxe Pastry in 1963, used to work in the well-loved Alexander Young Hotel Bakery and brought over the custard recipe to use in his own long johns and éclairs. If you’ve still got room after trying Deluxe’s doughnuts, check out the custard pies; Fukuda says they’re a specialty. 45-1042 Kamehameha Highway, 247-4235.