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Good dog! Meet Moxie and Jennifer Takahashi, happy clients of Sirius Puppy Training.

photo: mike mcgill



Editors' Pick

A well-behaved dog isn’t just a good pet, it’s a safer one, too—behavioral problems are actually the No. 1 cause of canine mortality, ahead even of trauma and diseases. We called every veterinary clinic on Oahu to find the most recommended dog trainer for keeping your dog obedient and healthy. The winner? Wendy Mah of Sirius Puppy Training, who has been training dogs in Hawaii for 20 years. Her credentials include a master’s degree in animal learning psychology and time spent studying under Ian Dunbar, founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. In addition to the basic “come, sit and stay” commands, Mah also teaches emergency commands that can provoke an instinctive sit from your dog before it gets into a dangerous situation. Multiple locations,