Diane Seo

Editorial Director

Diane Seo, HONOLULU’s editorial director, describes herself as a journalistic version of a jack of all trades, a jack of journalism. After graduating from Northwestern, she worked as a reporter in Fort Worth, Texas, then at the Los Angeles Times in both LA and NYC, covering everything from the 1994 LA earthquake to the rumblings of Wall Street. She then was an editor at Salon.com in NYC and managing director of new media for men’s professional tennis in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. (She’s a former junior player, but hasn’t picked up a racket in way too long to be called a “player.”) After moving home to Honolulu in 2005, she stayed in the journalistic mix, launching an entertainment website that has since become Frolic Hawai‘i (now part of HONOLULU) and had various stints as a magazine and newspaper editor, digital entrepreneur, digital consultant and even a web designer, a job she has no idea how she got. Outside work, Diane is a dedicated yogi, who enjoys a moving meditation with a lot of heat.

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