Who’s coming: Eat the Street Kapolei

Eat the Street treks to the Westside this weekend for another suburban eating fest in Kapolei. Several of the island’s most popular food trucks and street food vendors will be on hand, including three new vendors, Kona Ice, Mark’s Specialties and Pomai Kulolo.

When: Saturday, April 14 from 3-8 p.m.
Where: Kapolei High School football field, 91-5007 Kapolei Parkway
Admission: Free (gates to open at 2:45 p.m.)
Parking: Plenty of on-campus parking (parking opens at 1 p.m.)

Here’s the lineup:


Alonzo’s Lunchwagon

Contact: 808-216-7828

On the menu: Alonzo’s Hawaiian beef steak; Best of Alonzo’s Tasting Sampler (tasting portions of Hawaiian beef steak, garlic chicken and Lechon Kawali with a scoop of rice); Filipino Musubi (musubi with adobo fried rice)


Baja Style Mexican Food

Contact: 808-291-2096; @bajastylehi (Twitter)

On the menu: Enchiladas; burritos grande; nachos; chicharones


Beyond Burgers

Contact: beyondburgers@gmail.com; Beyond Burgers Honolulu on Facebook

On the menu: Bacon-wrapped hot dog, topped with grilled onions, bell peppers, homemade garlic aioli; cheeseburger (1/4-pound, local grass-fed beef patty, topped with smoked gouda, a variety of fixin’s and homemade garlic aioli; homemade iced tea; homemade fruit-infused lemonade



Contact: 808-591-7711; Bobalicious Boba Drinks on Facebook

On the menu: Boba drinks (honeydew, strawberry and li hing pineapple); Boba Baked Ins (hot dog and Portuguese sausage)


Braddah’s Wagon

Contact: Braddahs Wagon on Facebook

On the menu: Hamburger/cheeseburger on homemade jalapeño cheese bread or cheese bread; Combo (burger with Portuguese bean soup, keawe-smoked meat with guava glaze and onions)


Cheeseburger in Paradise

Contact: cheeseburgerland.com

On the menu: Cheeseburger, island-style; Hawaiian-style chicken sandwich; teriyaki beef and coconut shrimp plate; sweet potato fries; fried Snickers


Chicago Eatz

Contact: 808-482-0493; @ChicagoEatz (Twitter); Chicago Eatz on Facebook

On the menu: Vienna Italian Beef Sandwich; Kronos Brand Gyro; Vienna Chicago Dog


Cooking Fresh For You

Contact: 808-594-8224; cookingfreshforyou.com

On the menu: Steak plate/mini with fresh basil pesto sauce; poke bowl infused with white truffle oil and yuzu tobiko; Trio of Sliders


Elena’s Home of Finest Filipino Foods

Contact: Elena’s Restaurant in Waipahu 808-676-8005; www.ElenasRestaurant.com; @ElenasFilipino (Twitter), Elenas Restaurant on Facebook

On the menu: Squid Guisado (squid sautéed with onions and tomato); Pork Adobo Fried Rice Omelet; Lechon Special (crispy pork belly seasoned and tossed with tomatoes and onions); Shanghai Lumpia and Sweet Apple Banana Lumpia with chocolate drizzle



Contact: www.fairycakeshawaii.com; @fairycakes808 (Twitter)

On the menu: Cupcake Ice Cream Cones; Oreo Bars; Butterscotch Rocky Road Bar


Five-O Ribs

Contact: 808-228-9188; www.FiveORibs.com; Five-O Hawaiian Style Smoked Ribs on Facebook

On the menu: Rib plate; chicken plate; brisket plate; brisket sliders, all with tossed salad and rice


Guava Smoked

Contact: 808-228-9188; www.FiveORibs.com; Five-O Hawaiian Style Smoked Ribs on Facebook

On the menu: Guava-smoked salmon belly plate and bowl; Guava-smoked pork plate or bowl; Guava-smoked pork or chicken burger


Hawaiian Waffledog Company

Contact: hawaiianwaffledogcompany.com

On the menu: Waffledogs with spicy garlic mustard, maple syrup and standard toppings


Hawaii’s Fried Musubi

Contact: 808-391-3835; @friedmusubiHI (Twitter), Hawaii’s Fried Musubi on Facebook; see Catherine Toth’s blog about Hawaii’s Fried Musubi

On the menu: Fried Classic Spam Musubi and Mama’s Fried Chicken Combo; Fried Spicy Bomb Musubi and Mama’s Fried Chicken Combo; Fried Hawaiian Ahi style Musubi and Mama’s Fried Chicken Combo; fried desserts (cupcakes, Oreos, Twinkies, cheesecake, peanut butter and jelly sandwich)


Hula Shrimp Co.

Contact: Hulashrimp@yahoo.com

On the menu: TBD


India Cafe

Contact: 262-1800; indiacafehawaii.com; @IndiaCafeHawaii (Twitter); India Cafe Curry Factory on Facebook

On the menu: South Indian chicken curry with coconut cabbage; Curried Pork Delight with Chana Masala; Chicken Tikka Masala with spicy eggplant


Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza

Contact: 808-375-1200; infernospizzahawaii.com; @infernopizzahi (Twitter)

On the menu: Gourmet pizza slices (BBQ pork, truffle cheese)


Island Sandwich Creations

Contact: 808-636-0667

On the menu: Pork sandwich; chicken sandwich; shrimp plate


Isle Creations

Contact: 808-258-9304; Isle Creations on Facebook

On the menu: Kalua pig lumpia; fried avocado bites; kalua dog topped with grilled onions; teriyaki/miso chicken;
jalapeño chicken; kalbi stir-fry


Kettle Corn Hawaii

Contact: 808-306-2444; kettlecornhawaii.com; Kettle Corn Hawaii on Facebook

On the menu: Natural kettle corn popcorn; colored kettle corn popcorn; li hing kettle corn popcorn


Koi Catering & Takeout

Contact: 808-845-4564; 2028 Dillingham Blvd. (formerly Pu’uwainani’s Plate Lunches)

On the menu: White chicken chili bowl with Spanish rice and homemade cornbread; Lechon Kawali with tomatoes and onions; Koi Bento (furikake rice, garlic ahi with sweet wasabi, grilled steak with ginger sesame, garlic chicken)


Kona Ice

Contact: kona-ice.com/ohana; Kona Ice Ohana on Facebook

On the menu: Ten flavors available for self-serve on the FlavorWave outside the truck (strawberry, blue raspberry, banana, pina colada, Tropi-Kona, lemon-lime, orange, cherry, watermelon, grape. Additional flavors available by request.)


Korean Fresh Grill

Contact: 310-849-9311; @KFreshGrill (Twitter); Korean Fresh Grill on Facebook

On the menu: Korean BBQ tacos; burritos, cilantro-lime rice plates; sliders (all with choice of Korean BBQ steak, BBQ chicken or grilled fish)


Leonard’s Malasadas

Contact: 808-737-5591; leonardshawaii.com; Leonard’s Bakery on Facebook

On the menu: Malasadas (original, cinnamon and li hing); Malasada Puffs (custard, chocolate and haupia)


Lickety Split

Contact: 808-227-6499; Lickety Split Oahu on Facebook

On the menu: Soft-serve ice cream


Liquid Pleasure

Contact: 808-780-9288 or email streetgrindz@gmail.com

On the menu: Smoothies; shakes; frapps; lattes; garlic chicken; pastele stew


Local Stop

Contact: @localstop (Twitter); Local Stop on Facebook

On the menu: Oxtail fried rice; King Kamehameha Malasada Burger; red velvet malasada cheesecake


Mark’s Specialties

Contact: streetgrindz.com

On the menu: Grilled steak and garlic shrimp scampi plate; Kimo’s pastele stew plate; Imu kalua pig plate and sandwich with BBQ sauce; warm bread pudding with caramel sauce



Contact: 808-354-2949; www.onopops.com; @OnoPops (Twitter); OnoPops on Facebook

On the menu: Mango Magma (mango sorbet with strawberry li hing swirl); Cacao Nib Crunch (lightly salted milk chocolate ice cream with candied cacao nib); Azuki-Green Tea Swirl (organic azuki bean ice cream with green tea honey sorbet)


Paul’s Poppers

Contact: 808-351-7583; Paul’s Poppers on Facebook; paulspoppers.com

On the menu: Spinach and artichoke poppers; turkey jalapeno cheddar poppers; Three-cheese jalapeno poppers; pepperoni pizza poppers; Chocolate Decadence


Pomai Kulolo

Contact: Pomai Kulolo on Facebook

On the menu: Kulolo; haupia; Haulolo (layered kulolo and haupia); fresh poi


Pt. Suisse Crepes

Contact: 310-663-4090; Pt. Suisse Crepes on Facebook

On the menu: Ms. Heidi crepe (spinach, goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts and basil oil); Dream crepe (Nutella, strawberry and banana); Fruit Bliss (strawberry, banana, raspberry, brown sugar and a squeeze of lime)


Puffettes Egg Puff

Contact: eggpuff@rocketmail.com; Puffettes Egg Puff on Facebook

On the menu: Chocolate and original egg puffs; tapioca milk tea


Shogunai Tacos

Contact: shogunaitacos.com; @Shogunai_Tacos (Twitter); Shogunai Tacos on Facebook

On the menu: Osaka Jo; Zeus’s Glory; Seoul Food


Simply Ono

Contact: 808-728-0441

On the menu: Warm bread pudding with creamy vanilla sauce; spicy ahi poke bowl (pending availability); Gourmet baked macaroni & cheese; deep-fried sandwich; smoked meat and onions


Soul Patrol

Contact: 808-735-7685; pacificsoulhawaii.com; @pacificsoul (Twitter); Soul Patrol on Facebook

On the menu: Buttermilk fried chicken; chicken and sausage gumbo; seafood jambalaya


Street Frites

Contact: TBD

On the menu: Hand-cut, Belgian-style fries with 14 dipping sauces; Furikake Frites special (fries drizzled with syphilis sugar cream sauce and topped with a dusting of furikake)


The Curb

Contact: The Curb on Facebook

On the menu: TBD



Contact: 808-454-7954

On the menu: TBD


Xtreme Tacos

Contact: 808-954-5477; www.xtremetacos.com; @xtremetacos (Twitter); Xtremetacos on Facebook

On the menu: Crispy beef burrito; quesadilla; Sampler


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