October 2021: Table of Contents


Honolulu Magazine October Issue Japanese Izakaya

To get to this avocado soup, you’ll have to find the secret izakaya hidden in a Waikīkī hotel. Photo: Olivier Koning





How to Be a Better Local

Most of us don’t make rookie mistakes. We don’t slap monk seals or block someone’s driveway to go hiking. We’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about life and what we can do better. So we asked a diverse group of savvy folks for their tips on being a better local whether we’re on a trail, a plane, on the road or on a rant.

By Robbie Dingeman


Art in Progress

For decades, the Artists of Hawai‘i exhibit has provided local artists with funding and a powerful venue for their perspectives on the most pressing issues of our time. This year, 18 storytellers, activists and artists created a mix of video games, weapons, ceramics and more for the least traditional exhibition in its 70-year history.

By Katrina Valcourt


2022 College Guide

Our annual College Guide will help parents and students navigate the road to and through college. Learn how to manage the admissions process, tackle financial aid applications and more.


Honolulu Magazine October Issue Juvana Soliven

Juvana Soliven’s piece, Weaponized Pathologies, is on display in Artists of Hawai‘i Now. Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino





Ofc Honolulu 1021 Sans Bc

Shaka photo and photo composite by James Nakamura, background photo by Aaron K. Yoshino

Pride Comes In the Fall

The parade won’t be passing you by this year, after all. For the second year, the Honolulu Pride celebration is going virtual.


October Picks

Either stay in and cozy up with a bowl of noodles and this year’s selection of Halloween entertainment or head out to try dishes prepared by the country’s best chefs. Plus give back at multiple volunteer opportunities.

By Eve Huddleston and Katie Kenny


At Bay

A snorkeling spot and a crater are the focus of O‘ahu’s first attempts to manage and profit more from surging visitor numbers. So, are higher fees for nonresidents and reservation systems a sign of more to come?

By Christi Young


Da Meter

Gauging what’s hot and what’s not in Honolulu.


The $100 Fruit

Recent prices are as heady as the aroma, but local durian lovers still can’t get enough.

By Mari Taketa


From Our Files

For 133 years HONOLULU Magazine has kept its readers and advertisers at the vanguard of fashion, insight and fun. Starting out as Paradise of the Pacific in 1888 with a commission from King Kalākaua, we’re the oldest continually publishing magazine west of the Mississippi. Take a look into our archives.

By Christi Young


Honolulu Magazine October Issue Shopping

Photo: Courtesy of Amlou / Kenna Reed





The Big Bag Theory

Tiny totes are out; the bigger the better this season. We’re talking monster-size ones that can fit everything and the kitchen sink.

By Stacey Makiya


Light Sleep

Linen is the bedrock of Citron & Date’s dreamy home goods collection.

By Stacey Makiya


Scents of Place

Amlou’s home goods collection imbues your abode with aromas that take us to North Africa.

By Stacey Makiya





The secret’s out about this new kaiseki spot. Plus, Cuban food in Waikīkī, pick your potion, and what you may have missed online.

By Maria Burke and Thomas Obungen





Editor’s Page: Lessons from a Kindergartener

Even small gestures can make a big difference.

By Christi Young


Afterthoughts: Better Together

I’m taking the lessons from our cover story to heart.

By Katrina Valcourt