2022 Hawai‘i College Guide

(Sponsored) Our annual College Guide will help parents and students navigate the road to and through college. Learn how to manage the admissions process, tackle financial aid applications, land an internship and more.


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There are not many more pivotal milestones that a young person gets to experience than taking their first steps toward a college degree. But as exciting a journey as it may be, the road to higher education can be full of obstacles and uncertainty, especially when it comes to personal finances.


We’re here to help.


HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union has partnered with HONOLULU Magazine to create the 2022 College Guide, an essential resource to help both parents and students navigate the common questions that arise during the college planning process.


From advice on how to successfully budget and manage your money, to choosing the right school, you’ll find helpful information that can be put into use right away.


Guiding our members and local communities to reach their financial dreams has been our commitment from the start. And with our long-standing history with the Department of Education, we know the value that a higher education can bring not only to individuals, but to the entire community.


We hope this year’s College Guide inspires your next steps—both in the classroom and in life—and we can’t wait to see what adventures await. 


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How will I pay for college? Which one should I choose?

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