Two-Minute Takeout: Nu‘uanu Okazuya at the Edge of Downtown Honolulu

Part 2 of our look at eateries in the Miyamoto Building revisits a popular okazuya known for its fish cakes, chicken and andagi.


It’s a delicious landscape out there! Frolic’s Two-Minute Takeout video series has all-new episodes about dishes from new-to-us places and longtime faves.



At the edge of Downtown Honolulu, on Nu‘uanu Avenue, an old-time okazuya serves up local-style Japanese food with some twists. Nu‘uanu Okazuya has been in the Miyamoto Building since the mid 1960s and changed ownership in 2007 when Mark Kitagawa bought the place. Head cook Johnathan Mosley cooks up dozens of dishes daily and changes the options, keeping us on our toes. You get the best selection when they open at 5 a.m. We got there at 7.


Nu‘uanu Okazuya is known for its chicken katsu, numerous fried chicken options and house-made fried fishcakes. They’re also known for andagi, but it sells out quickly so it’s best to pre-order. We got chow fun, furikake musubi, long rice, corned beef hash, shrimp tempura, two types of fishcake, omelet, and don’t forget the cucumber namasu and mac salad. The mochiko chicken was packed with flavor and the long rice was rich with deep notes of shoyu. Prices range from $1 to $3 per item. Our plate cost $20.21 and could easily feed at least two people, if not three. Such a great price for the amount of food we got. The next time you’re near the area, you definitely need to check out this delicious takeout option.


Open Sunday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday to Saturday from 5 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., 1351 Nu‘uanu Ave., (808) 533-6169,, @nuuanu_okazuya 


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