Two-Minute Takeout in Honolulu: Café Maharani

Thomas Obungen ventures to Mō‘ili‘ili for his first taste of an Indian food icon.


It’s still a delicious landscape out there! As we ride out this pandemic by staying at home, many of us are trying takeout from places we’ve never been before. Thomas Obungen discovers a longtime Mōʻiliʻili institution that’s new to him.  



Something that’s bigger than my apartment is this piece of naan.


Hey everyone, it’s Thomas. I’m back for another Two-minute Takeout. And this time, I’ve gone to a place that I’ve always wanted to go to. It’s been around forever, but I’ve actually never been and it’s my first time to Café Maharani. So, I got Indian food!


And we’re in my kitchen, or what’s supposed to be my kitchen but it’s much smaller. It’s kind of like everything in my apartment. But … something that’s bigger than my apartment is this piece of naan. Look how huge this is, this is only half. Garlic naan. And I’ve got some chicken masala curry, which is like their specialty. This is just some of what I got, but this is the yellow rice. And this is like, maybe one-third of the portion that they serve. Let’s give it a try.


I just love how colorful everything is. It’s so vibrant and bright. Garlic naan, of course. And there’s huge chunks of chicken in here too.




Mmm. I love how spicy Indian food is. And not spicy in terms of heat, like there is heat, but just the different kinds of spices that are used in Indian cooking to create something like this. It’s just so rich and flavorful. It’s satisfying.


Get some yellow rice. I think it’s yellow because of saffron and turmeric. But man, when you dip it together.




I can see why Café Maharani is so busy. The food is delicious. It’s good. Here’s a piece of chicken. it’s a small piece of chicken, by the way. Tender. Juicy. And it’s meaty. No bones, which is nice. Definitely recommend. It’s got a nice amount of heat too. It’s building.




Café Maharani … I’m going back.


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