Two-Minute Takeout in Kailua: Yamas Mediterranean Cuisine

We're trying takeout from places we haven't been in two-minute reviews at home.


All kinds of restaurants are open for takeout, and now’s as good a time as any to try them. Two-Minute Takeout sends Frolickers to places they haven’t been to pick up meals for quick tableside reviews at home.



Hey everyone, it’s Thomas. You’re joining me at home, in my tiny home. Welcome to my table. We’re starting a new foodie video series called Two-Minute Takeout. With Two-Minute Takeout, our challenge is to find new and exciting eats that we’ve never tried before. I’ve gathered a feast from a place that I haven’t been to in two years. This is from Yamas in Kailua, or Enchanted Lake, if you will.


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The first thing I ordered is the Sampler Platter. I’ve obviously replated everything but here you can see the grape leaves, some pita, spanakopita, hummus in the middle, zucchini fries and baba ghanoush which is the eggplant. I got some garlic fries — they have the best garlic fries. And the super gyro, which is basically half a pound of gyro meat in a sandwich, which is kind of crazy but so delicious. And I had to get a salad because when you’re quarantined and eating all this food, you have to eat a little bit healthy, right?




Garlic fries are so good! And you can get extra tzatziki, which is awesome. But really though, the burrito is the main event. This whole thing is full of meat.




I love gyro meat because it’s crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. The lamb is so good especially because it’s spiced well too. You can’t forget, you have to make a pita from the Sampler Platter. Got some hummus.


*Two thumbs up


This gyro is bursting with meat, there are meat pieces falling out. This is going to feed me for a couple days for sure. They have this awesome lemony dressing. Just so I can get some veggies. Nice crisp romaine with that tangy lemony dressing and raw onion.


I could go on and eat all of this in front of you!


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1020 Keolu Dr., Kailua, (808) 263-4075


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