Two-Minute Takeout in Kaimukī: The Spread at Shaloha Pita

A trip to Kaimukī turns up flavorful falafel, fresh pita and savory shawarma.


It’s still a delicious landscape out there! As we ride out this pandemic, many of us are trying takeout from places we’ve never been before. Kelli Shiroma Braiotta tries a Kaimukī spot known for its Middle Eastern cuisine. 



Hi guys, it’s Kelli. I’m back with another episode of Two-Minute Takeout where we go to places we’ve never been to before and order takeout for the first time. For this episode, I went to Shaloha Pita in Kaimuki. Shaloha is known for its Israeli street food like shawarma, falafel, hummus and pita.


The most popular plate and the one recommended to me was the Shaloha Plate ($18). It comes with shawarma, schnitzel, eggplant, falafel, pita and red and white cabbage. It also has turmeric rice and tabbouleh, which is a Lebanese vegetarian salad with parsley, tomatoes, olive oil, onions and lemon juice.


It also comes with three different sauces—hot sauce, turmeric and tahini. I also got a side of pita chips ($9). These pita chips are really large, it’s not just the camera angle. Shaloha makes its own fluffy, fresh pita. The chips are slices of this pita.




Mmm. They’re a little bit doughy and spongy inside. The hummus is so creamy.




You can hear that, right? On to the Shaloha Plate. First I have this falafel. It’s really crispy on the outside. Not dry at all, really crunchy.


In Middle Eastern cuisine, shawarma is thinly sliced meat. It’s usually chicken, turkey or beef. That chicken shawarma is flavorful. This hot sauce has a nice kick. The yellow sauce is turmeric; the white Tahini sauce is sesame-flavored. Even if I just had hummus and pita, I’d be perfectly happy.


You can order online from Shaloha Pita, call or do walk-ins if you want. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and give us a like or follow on Instagram and Facebook.


Until next time, Shaloha.


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