Two-Minute Takeout in Kailua: Willow Tree Korean Restaurant

Spicy chicken katsu, jap chae and turnip soup are our go-to faves at this homey old-school spot in ‘Aikahi.


It’s a delicious landscape out there! We’re bringing back our Two-Minute Takeout video series with all-new episodes about dishes from new-to-us places and longtime faves. Here’s an edited transcript.




Hi folks, Maria here, and this is your Two-Minute Takeout. Today, we went to Willow Tree Korean Restaurant in ‘Aikahi Shopping Center. Willow Tree has been open in Kailua for 31 years, turning out fresh Korean food. We’re trying a little bit of all that they have to offer.


This is what I always get, the lunch combo: spicy chicken katsu (which they are famous for), meat jun and fried mandoo. I also got a side of jap chae and turnip soup. With the lunch combo, you can get veggies or mac salad, and it comes with rice. I usually forgo the rice to get mac salad and veggies. They give you a meat jun sauce, a side of kim chee, and this thousand island dressing to put on your shredded cabbage.


So the lunch combo is $16.95 and it’s plenty of food. The jap chae is $13.95—this is just a small portion from the container. And I got the turnip soup, which for a small size equal to two orders is $3.50. When you order the spicy chicken katsu, it is an extra fifty cents. The spicy chicken katsu is so good. It’s not super spicy.


I really love their meat jun—it always has the perfect amount of egg and they cook it until it’s golden brown. Then of course the kim chee and the jap chae, mmm. The turnip soup I got it because it reminded me of being able to dine in. The mandoo are nice and pan-fried, with lots of fresh herbs, it’s juicy. You get two pieces if you choose it as one of your meats. The combo lunch plate by itself is a great value with a lot of food. This one is definitely more home-style, which I like, it feels the littlest bit more healthy.


Willow Tree is now in the renovated ‘Aikahi Shopping Plaza. If you like Korean food, check them out.


Open for takeout only Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., 25 Kāne‘ohe Bay Dr. #104, (808) 254-1139


Willow Tree Korean Spicy Chicken Katsu Maria Burke

The spread from Willow Tree. Photo: Maria Burke


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