Two-Minute Takeout in Honolulu: Teasket Toasket at Kaka‘ako’s H Mart

Savory sweet bread sandwiches are the tastiest handheld grab-and-go lunch.


It’s a delicious landscape out there! We’re bringing back our Two-Minute Takeout video series with all-new episodes about dishes from new-to-us places and longtime faves.



We’ve found some of our favorite foods in the food courts of non-Western markets all around Honolulu—and the feature of this Two-Minute Takeout is no exception. Teasket Toasket is a sandwich and milk tea counter up the stairs and to the left in the H Mart Kaka‘ako food court. Flavor combos of their toasted sweet bread sandwiches range from kim chee bulgogi to teriyaki chicken to avocado and cheese and more. I’m a big sweet-savory person so a savory sweet bread sandwich is right up my alley. I also prefer sandwiches that are not too messy and easy to eat on the go: Check and check. Also, the prices are great if you’re hungry and on a budget.


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We decide to get the Bulgogi Kimchee Lover ($9.50 alone, $13.50 with a milk tea. And how did they know my name?) and the Bacon Cheese Bite ($7.50). We also order the matcha snow milk shave ice because it’s advertised as a to-go option. The sandwiches are super tasty, all the components well prepared and full of flavor. My favorite is the Bulgogi Kimchee Lover, which leaves me stoked—not too full, with relatively clean hands and on my way. Teasket Toasket might be hard to say 10 times fast, but loving these sammies is easy.


Open Sunday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., 458 Keawe St., @teaskettoasket