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‘Hawaii Five-O’ Recap: ‘Kupale’

What do you get when you combine a Major League Baseball player, an Olympic skating champion and 100 Hawaiian warriors dressed only in malo? No, it’s not the start of a bad joke… but the start of a pretty bad…

Ages & Stages: Helping Your Child Deal with Death

It can be difficult to help kids cope with the loss of a loved one, particularly as you work through your own grief. A child's understanding of death depends largely on his or her age, life experiences and personality. Explaining…

Identity crisis: Job vs. career

Photo by PaurianSomeone once told me there’s a difference between having a job and a career. A job is something you do to make money. You don’t necessarily need to enjoy it, but you tolerate it because it’s a means…

Best Bars 2010: Bars For Any Occasion

Sometimes life calls for a drink. Whether it’s to celebrate a promotion, drown your sorrows after a job loss, go out with the girls, watch the Hawaii Bowl or whatever, we found the 24 best bars for 24 different occasions. Cheers!

Tweets from the road: Marathon 2010

Me and my friends at the Honolulu Marathon start line. —Taken with my iPhoneYesterday was (I think) my 17th marathon. I want to say that I knew going in to the 38th annual Honolulu Marathon that this would be my slowest…

Hawaii's Medical Marijuana Program

Some view it—and use it—as medicine, while others contend it is a dangerous drug, widely abused. How does the program work, and who is involved?

Sponsored Edition: Smarts & The City

There’s no question that you’re a gal in the know. You always rock the just-discovered designers, are the first to hit up the coolest new clubs, and of course, you score your daily dish of style savvy from Lei Chic.…

Caught in Between

Thousands of people are caring for their children and elderly parents simultaneously. Here are the stories of kamaaina who are coping with this challenge.

The Crime That Changed the Islands

The Thalia Massie affair was one of Hawaii's most sensational and significant trials in the state's history and has forever changed Hawaii.

Scary Shortage

Shortage of medical specialists in the community.

The Best Bars in Honolulu 2009: Liquid Assets

When anxiety runs high, we remember that these bars are assets to our community. For our annual Best Bars feature story, we found these places and we lift our glasses high in salute.


...on physician-assisted suicide, illegal immigration and Obama's home state.