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Healthy and Delicious Super Bowl Party Food

  Despite the fact that my beloved New England Patriots won't be playing in this year's Super Bowl, the annual party must go on.Just like thousands of others across Oahu on Feb. 3, we'll be hosting a party at our…

Eat the Street debut: Caribbean Spice

Spicy? You want spicy? How’s 43 food trucks and street food booths serving up spicy crispy shrimp, kimchee wings, spicy ahi hand rolls, cayenne pepper popcorn, spicy salmon dynamite, chocolate chili gelato, spicy watermelon gazpacho, fresh roasted corn with jalapeno…

Who’s coming: Eat the Street Spicy Fest

Come on down Friday to Eat the Street for a spicy extravaganza with everything from a Hawaiian chili pepper macaron to Volcano Poppers on the menu.Also on tap: A BBQ ribs eating contest, sponsored by Five-O Ribs and the Kings…

Who’s coming: Eat the Street Garlic Fest

Hey all you garlic lovers, and we know you’re out there… Come on down Friday to Eat the Street, where more than 40 vendors will be showcasing all kinds of garlicky goodness, from garlic chicken, to Garlicky Greek Frites to…

Foodscene: July

July 6: National Fried Chicken DayWay more than wings and drumsticks: chicken nuggets, Korean fried chicken, chicken katsu, popcorn chicken, Chinese crispy fried chicken…July 6: Puff & BlowWhole Ox Deli327 Keawe St.6:30 to 9:30 p.m.$35 gets you three cigars, three…

Heading West to Kaena Point

All too often, kamaaina families get so caught up in the daily grind of school, work, homework, chores and sports that months go by without a moment to remind ourselves why we're so “lucky we live Hawaii.” It is our…

The Last Days of Club Hubba Hubba

After a thorough renovation, about all that's left of Honolulu’s most infamous strip club is the legendary neon sign out front, and the memories of Hubba Hubba’s lurid past.

Get Your Pregame On

The Warriors regain the home field advantage this week. So step up your parking lot pregame with these gadgets and don't worry about overtime - most can ship by Saturday. Beers to You Even when you're up seven (or rather,…

Who’s coming: Eat the Street Mililani

Eat the Street heads to the burbs this weekend, for a daylong eating event in Mililani. Saturday’s afternoon food truck rally features many familiar vendors from the monthly Eat the Street Kaka’ako, as well as some newcomers, including All Kine…

Drinks and Pupu in Hawaii

Pupu on the Rocks: You can’t always judge a great drinks and pupu place from the outside.

Who’s coming: Eat the Street Spicy

Friday’s Eat the Street indulges in all things spicy, with nearly all 38 vendors serving up special dishes to celebrate this month’s “turn up the heat” theme.In July, some 6,000 eaters came out to ETS, the biggest turnout yet. It…

Who’s coming: Eat the Street Garlic

Friday’s Eat the Street focuses on the pungent bulb we especially love here in Hawaii. That’s right, this month’s food truck rally will be all about garlic, with 33 vendors lined up to serve up delectably garlicky dishes.Some dishes that…

Waiter, There's a Critter in My Wine

Why did the chicken cross the road? To be featured on a wine label, of course. But what’s really behind the fad of naming wines after animals?

Japan. No problem.

    Sunday on Takeshita Street in Harajuku, where thousands of Japanese teens come to buy their outfits. Photo: John Heckathorn It’s for the rest of us for whom Japan seems very far away, the language difficult, the culture, customs,…

The Best Bars in Honolulu 2009: Liquid Assets

When anxiety runs high, we remember that these bars are assets to our community. For our annual Best Bars feature story, we found these places and we lift our glasses high in salute.

The Centenarians

Over the past year, a surprising number of major local institutions have turned 100. What does it take to last a century?

Lewers and Kalakaua

Unfortunately, this hot corner has not cornered the market on great cuisine.

Cheap Eats

Hungry for good values, we combed through the Islands in pursuit of delicious meals for $20 or less. We lunched, we brunched, we wined, we dined. And we found you can eat well, accompanied only by a minted portrait of Andrew Jackson. The secret is not just knowing where to go, but what to order. So grab your wallet, and follow us.