HONOLULU Magazine - January 2011


...on legalizing pakalolo, Hawaii's Family Court of the First Judicial Circuit, and the Beatles.

Fishcake Gallery

Fishcake turns into a gallery to celebrate Hawaii culture in two ways: ranch-inspired imagery from Margo Ray, and the Honolulu Printmakers Show.

Fire Dancers

Most Hawaii residents are familiar with Polynesian fire knife dancing, but this group of artists is pushing fire dancing into new territory.

Delicious Detox

It’s that time of year, when the excesses of the holidays begin to weigh on one’s waistline—or conscience—and thoughts turn to detoxification.

Top 5 Food Deals in Honolulu

In this video we feature the top five food deals in Honolulu. We discovered deals at Good to Grill, Wolfgang's Steakhouse, Mao Organic Farms, Giovanni Pastrami and Town Restaurant.