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In 1888, King Kalakaua issued a royal charter, commissioning a magazine. Then titled Paradise of the Pacific, this publication became HONOLULU Magazine, making it the oldest magazine west of the Mississippi.



“More than 12,000 Honolulu families depend on the Palama Settlement for health welfare and recreational activity,” notes Paradise of the Pacific, the predecessor to HONOLULU Magazine. The majority of these families relied on the organization for medical, dental and nursing care, as well as education for their children. The settlement, headed by Dr. Philip Platt, worked in conjunction with the Board of Health’s disease prevention program. Platt started a diphtheria campaign, immunizing 10,000 preschool children, using a $3,500 state appropriation ($50,000 in today’s dollars). “Palama is a distinct organization, a fighting unit well organized for the monumental health task it has undertaken.”



“Economists, politicians and heads of publishing houses may have moments of doubt as to which way the national ball will bounce during this coming year, but there’s one fraternity of taste-makers who’ll stand smugly pat—the international group of fashion leaders,” notes Paradise of the Pacific. In 1961, the hot colors were shocking pink, vibrant purple and the brightest blue. “In fabric, it’s the fascinatingly versatile and practical cottons and linens that lead the parade.”  Both slim and full skirts were popular, and “remain short, like 19 inches from the floor.”




“State Sen. Rod Tam, chair of the Senate Government Operations and Housing Committee, started out the year by introducing his infamous nap ’n’ snacks bills,” observes HONOLULU in its annual Sour Poi Awards. The snack bill would have appropriated more than $600,000 in state funds to provide public workers with snacks. The other bill would have allowed the state workers to nap. “After the public and the media blasted Tam for his nap ’n’ snacks bills, he distanced himself from the controversy, saying he’d only introduced them at someone else’s request. He wouldn’t say who.” Tam would go on to make repeated appearances in the Sour Poi Awards, including this year’s.