Author: Sheila Sarhangi

Environment: Weed Wars

In the fight against invasive plants, conservationists are bringing out the small guns.

Hiking the Koolau Mountains

Koolau Conquerer: One man, one backpack, one mountain: Chase Norton recently hiked the entire summit in one go.

Original Hawaiian Note Cards

Inspired by Hawaii’s environment, these note cards invite you to put away your keyboard and pick up a pen.

Coping with Mold in Hawaii

Fuzzy Logic: Mold—actually tiny fungi—is a fact of life in Hawaii. Here are some coping strategies.

Solar Powered Beer

Light, Beer: Kona Brewing Co. reaps savings—and makes a good brew—using solar power.

Plant a Wish Project

A Maui couple is traveling across the U.S., planting trees as they go.

Unloading Holiday Clutter

As gifts pile up after the holidays, many people unload clutter in January. Here’s how to properly lighten up, without harming the environment.

The Opihi Ohana

A partnership has been created to study opihi and better manage the population.

The Kalihi Stream Revival

A Kalihi nonprofit heals a stream to connect a community and develop a network of stewards.

Hawaii Steals and Deals

HONOLULU found 53 ways to shave the costs off retail therapy, sprucing up your home, collecting art, grocery shopping and more. All without breaking the bank.

Eco-Friendly Stand-Up Paddles

Everpaddle makes paddles in Hawaii using reclaimed wood from construction sites and wood mills on Oahu and the Big Island.

Hawaii's Invasive Species

They aren’t cute, cuddly or shy. Here are six new—or just pesky—invasive species you should know about.

Legislative Score Card

The 2010 legislative session is pau, so let’s recap the status of five environment-related bills and see how they did.

Ash Alert?

Hawaii volcanoes are unlikely to cause massive airline delays. Here's why.

A Fresh Idea for Feeding the Hungry

For Vivian Chau, feeding the less fortunate doesn’t require a stockpile of canned goods. In January, she started the program, “Give It Fresh Today” at the Kapiolani Community College Farmers’ Market. Here’s how it works: Shoppers donate a fraction of…

Our Geniuses

They give voice to paralyzed patients, detect exotic particles, solve mathematical conundrums and more. You can even blame one of them for all the hours you spent playing Tetris. Meet eight Islanders who are, quite simply, geniuses.

The Best Bars in Honolulu 2009: Liquid Assets

When anxiety runs high, we remember that these bars are assets to our community. For our annual Best Bars feature story, we found these places and we lift our glasses high in salute.

Near Enough to Touch

Unknown to many, an island right off Honolulu is being slowly restored to health.

Green Galas

A local party planner brings eco-friendly ideas to a notoriously disposable-loving industry.

Airway to Heaven

Free-rein college station KTUH has been igniting the radio airwaves for 40 years.

The Healing Place

As The Queen’s Medical Center marks its milestone sesquicentennial, we take a closer look at the historic landscape that surrounds it.

Fur Ball

The problems posed by feral cats seem to have nine lives.

Q&A: Healing Touch

An Oahu psychologist brings mental-health services to Rwanda.

Home School

To teach environmentalism, Betty Gearen turned her home into a classroom.

Towing the Line

It’s hard enough when your car gets towed. Here’s how to avoid getting gouged, too.

Growing Interconnected

In community gardens, lives become intertwined, just like the vines that cross from one plot to another.

Preserving Paradise

Want to pitch in to help the Islands, but short on time? A new book is a welcome resource.

Stop the Fear, Take Action

Instead of worrying about what the future may hold, we want to encourage you to take action. Here's tips from 10 experts.

Playing Our Song?

An Oahu-based biologist studies an endangered bird species using recordings of its songs.

Driving Electric

What does the state’s electric car plan mean for drivers?