April 2022: Our Top 3 Most Viewed Posts

A roundup of the stories you deemed most drool-worthy and shareable.


Favorite foods from Vietnam, the Philippines and a homegrown take on a Chinese street staple dominated our page views in April, highlighting Hawai‘i eaters’ embrace of our Asian culinary roots.


No. 3: Legit Banh Mi Lands on Top Floor of 808 Center in Honolulu

Les Bahn Mi Roasted Pork Credit Thomas Obungen 2

Photo: Thomas Obungen


Published April 14, 2022

When one of your passions in life is finding good banh mi sandwiches, as it is for our assistant editor Thomas Obungen, and you stumble across a gem that packs crispy, succulent pork belly inside exceptional bread, you immediately tell the world. Thomas’ review of Le’s Banh Mi is still drawing fans of Vietnam’s signature sandwich to the third-floor shop, and Thomas is still talking about that bread.

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No. 2: My 8 Favorite Filipino Foods on O‘ahu Right Now

Js Lumpia Spot Shanghai Turon Credit Maria Burke

Photo: Maria Burke


Published April 8, 2022

Maria Burke’s mother hails from Manila. Her roundup of favorite versions of pork sisig, monggo beans, ube ensaymada and other dishes is a love letter to the soul food she grew up with.

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No. 1: You Voted: Here’s Your Top 5 Manapua on O‘ahu

Royal Kitchen Manapua Pc Melissa Chang

Photo: Melissa Chang


Published April 12, 2022

Voting in this reader poll went back and forth and in the end, Your Top 5 Manapua ranking emerged as our third most popular post so far in 2022. Perhaps the best part: The two winners are on opposite sides of Chinatown, so you can taste-test them side by side in one morning.

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