A New Lifestyle Shop at Ward Opens Our Minds (and Wallets) to Unique Goods

Island boy meets world.


Andrew Mau Ay 2

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino



Andrew Mau’s space, Island Boy Shop, is likely to end up on travel blogs and shopping sites as a must-shop-here place when visiting Honolulu. Why? He hunts for stylish-yet-sensible products that excite and educate customers. “A brand must create a stellar product inclusive of design, function and innovation whether they are local, national, international, new or vintage,” says Mau. “I’m also mindful of inclusivity; the shop should have something for dads, kids and shoppers looking for a design that’s not so cookie-cutter.” 


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Andrew Mau Ay 3

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino



True to his words, when we poked around his cozy shop/studio space neighboring artsy showroom Fishcake, pretty banana- and peach-shaped glass-blown pipes by Oregon artist Michael Sorenson caught us mid-stride. A sleek squad of lighters in chic hues and packaging , classic leather goods from Rhode Island label Lindquist. and smartly designed Oigen cast-iron pans from Japan—way sexier than the 12-inch, 12-pound versions—strengthen the shop’s cool vibe. 


Andrew Mau Ay 1

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino



And not to sleep on local designers, Mau gushes over a blue chalcedony ring by local designer M33ms. “It’s an elevated 50-carat stone from Turkey that’s very clean,” he says. Matt Bruening totes, Language of the Birds dresses and Oshan Beauty essentials also represent our brilliant creative community. Of course, Mau’s own pieces, from his Mau-House design studio, will be staples at the shop—limited-edition jewelry, freshly designed notecards and one-off pieces of  home décor—but he shies away from over representing himself. “I aim to focus on the talented designers that surround me,” says the island boy. “The studio is in the same space, so anyone interested can spend time there.” 


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Call or direct message for shop hours and new product info. 307C Kamani St., (808) 221-3676, islandboy.shop, @islandboy.shop