In a Battle of Gingerbread Houses, Who Will Reign Supreme?

(Sponsored) When HONOLULU and Frolic Hawai‘i go head-to-head in Foodland’s gingerbread house competition, all bets are off. Plus, some tips to help you build your own sweet, cinnamon-y, super fabulous piece of edible real estate.


There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to spice up the holidays. This year, local supermarket Foodland challenged HONOLULU and Frolic Hawai‘i to use their creative juices—as well as products from its own Maika‘i product line—to build the ultimate gingerbread house. Cue some virtual trash talking, and 1.5 hours later, here are the results: Two local-style oases we consider prime holiday real estate.


Which team reigns supreme in Foodland’s HONOLULU vs. Frolic Hawai‘i Gingerbread House Challenge? Watch the videos and cast your votes to decide. Voting closes on Dec. 13 at noon HST.




The Frolic Hawai‘i Team


Build Your Gingerbread Dream House

To help you create the gingerbread house of your dreams this year, our team members share some tips learned from firsthand experience:

  1. Draw out a plan of your house on a base, with proportions as close as you can get.
  2. When looking for ingredients, start with the color that you need for whatever you’re trying to make. Then go from there to find the best materials for the job.
  3. Always build your base first, then build outward from there, adding details last—royal icing takes time to dry.
  4. Short on time? A blowdryer doesn’t just work for hair—use it on your icing to help it set faster.
  5. Be flexible: You might have to change course or even eliminate things as you go, and that’s okay!
  6. Think outside the box and HAVE FUN!


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