June 2010

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Hollywood in Hawaii

From plastic palm trees to on-set pranks, from fake languages to obstinate water buffalo, intrepid humor writer Charles Memminger uncovered the funniest, strangest tales of Island moviemaking.

Kamehameha IV and the Shooting of Henry Neilson

Alexander Liholiho shot one of his closest friends, leaving physical and emotional wounds from which neither man would recover.

Tough Love

On Oahu there are 8,277 people on probation for felonies. The state’s probation system had been unsuccessful in getting probationers to become responsible citizens—until a revolutionary program called HOPE came along.

Best Doctors in Hawaii 2010

The list of the 325 best doctors in Hawaii was determined by the doctors themselves.
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July 4 Fireworks and Parades in Hawaii

Summer Sweets

Here are three perfect reasons to indulge this summer.

A Preview of Next Month's Issue

Introducing our July 2010 issue.

Video: Fresh Cafe

Dining: The Boys are Back in Town

A wave of Island chefs headed to the Mainland for training. What will happen now that they’re home?

From Our Files

June archives

Field Guide: Ethnic Markets

We explore five of the city’s best ethnic-food markets, and find homemade salsa, fragrant curries and budget-friendly bentos.

Ash Alert?

Hawaii volcanoes are unlikely to cause massive airline delays. Here's why.

In High Spirits

Okolehao is making a comeback.

CD Reviews: O'Brian Eselu and The Green

Things to do in June in Hawaii

In June, listen to the Manoa Strings at Foster Botanical Gardens, raise money for local libraries and eat lots of turkey.

Afterthoughts: Outside the Box

Strapped for cash to solve the homeless problem, we’re going to have to get creative.

Multitasking Movie Theaters

There’s more to life than chick flicks and summer blockbusters.

The Word on the Streets

A look at what’s new on Honolulu’s roads and sidewalks.

Korean War Veterans


Editor's Page: The Good Doctor

Real doctors do all the work, TV doctors get all the fame.
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