December 2006



An excerpt from former Gov. Ben Cayetano’s upcoming autobiography, Ben, A Memoir, from Street Kid to Governor.

The Last Plantation

The shutdown of one of Hawai‘i’s few remaining pineapple plantations leaves 600 workers without jobs and possibly 200 without homes.


Environment: The Plant Seekers

Sometimes you’ve got to take a risk when saving a dying species.

Letters 12|06

Waikiki After Dark

What’s for Dinner?

Maybe you’re swamped at work, juggling the needs of a busy family or just don’t want to fuss with cooking—or perhaps all three. But you don’t have to survive on cereal and pizza. Here are a few ways to get a balanced dinner on the table with minimal effort.


Donald Pascual

Technology: Did You Hear That?

A Hawai‘i-based researcher uses a new kind of transmitter to figure out when sharks are eating, and where.

Epic Book

Restoring a lost legend.

Our Town: Kaimuki

A new book charts the rapid growth of Honolulu.

Clipping Service

Music Review

Jake Shimabukuro, Gently Weeps, Hitchhike Records

Shopping: Gettin’ Figgy With It

The holiday song may demand figgy pudding, but frankly, we’d rather receive these fig-themed goodies.

Working Late

Honolulu works and plays by moonlight.

Environment: Clearly Beloved

A Honolulu-made kayak makes it all the way to New York’s art scene.

Fear Factor

A scaredy-cat tries to embrace adventure.

From Our Files

Chronicling the Islands since 1888.