December 2006



An excerpt from former Gov. Ben Cayetano’s upcoming autobiography, Ben, A Memoir, from Street Kid to Governor.

The Last Plantation

The shutdown of one of Hawai‘i’s few remaining pineapple plantations leaves 600 workers without jobs and possibly 200 without homes.



Donald Pascual

Our Town: Kaimuki

A new book charts the rapid growth of Honolulu.

From Our Files

Chronicling the Islands since 1888.

Clipping Service

Shopping: Gettin’ Figgy With It

The holiday song may demand figgy pudding, but frankly, we’d rather receive these fig-themed goodies.

Technology: Did You Hear That?

A Hawai‘i-based researcher uses a new kind of transmitter to figure out when sharks are eating, and where.

Epic Book

Restoring a lost legend.

Environment: The Plant Seekers

Sometimes you’ve got to take a risk when saving a dying species.

What’s for Dinner?

Maybe you’re swamped at work, juggling the needs of a busy family or just don’t want to fuss with cooking—or perhaps all three. But you don’t have to survive on cereal and pizza. Here are a few ways to get a balanced dinner on the table with minimal effort.

Letters 12|06

Working Late

Honolulu works and plays by moonlight.

Environment: Clearly Beloved

A Honolulu-made kayak makes it all the way to New York’s art scene.

Music Review

Jake Shimabukuro, Gently Weeps, Hitchhike Records

Fear Factor

A scaredy-cat tries to embrace adventure.

Waikiki After Dark