Author: Joan Namkoong

100 Best Dishes and Drinks in Hawaii

From hole-in-the-wall eateries to multi-million-dollar restaurants, we’ve rounded up our favorite dishes and drinks around the Islands.

Clean Your Greens

 Photo: rae huo Just when you think it’s safe to eat your veggies, you’ll hear a news report, like the one about parasite-induced meningitis, that sets off an alarm bell among consumers as well as those in the produce business.…

Slow Food

Slow Foods is a trend to promote local produce, going against the principles of fast food.

Profitable Peach Palms

Lesley Hill shows off fresh hearts of palm at the KCC Farmers Market. Photo: kent s. hwang Hawaii’s tropical climate is unique, affording farmers the opportunity to grow crops unlikely to flourish in other parts of the United States: coffee,…

A Watery Crop

Three generations of Sumidas have nurtured watercress on their farms in Aiea.

The Taste Is Back

Sichuan peppercorns are again on store shelves and ready to be experimented with.

Taste the World

They came from different countries and backgrounds, but these Honolulu restaurateurs now share the same passions: good food, fresh ingredients and feeding a legion of happy customers.

Mom Was Right

Take advantage of the cooler weather by getting some crunchy, tasty local broccoli.

The Queen of Fruit

If you’ve never tasted a mangosteen, treat your mouth to this refreshing, tropical delight.

Food of Kings

Tasty and nutritious, asparagus has moved from a spring treat to a year-round pleasure.

Genuine Green

Sushi lovers rejoice: Real wasabi has taken roots in the Islands.

Seeing Red

Treasured throughout antiquity, the sexily hued pomegranate is embraced in today's kitchens.

Buy Fresh, Buy Local

It's a simple concept, but supporting Hawai'i's farmers is not as easy as you might think. Here's how you can help.

Still Growing in Lalamilo

Third-generation farming families aren’t easy to find, but on the Big Island, the Yamamotos proudly maintain their farming heritage.

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