Author: Kathryn Drury Wagner, managing editor

Lessons in Creation

Humbled, I realize the world doesn’t require my participation.

Deep Cover

Can the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog help put an end to the scourge of jaywalking?

Smells Like Fiasco

The plans for O‘ahu’s rail system are so screwy, even die-hard mass transit fans can’t get onboard with it.


Our lives are starting to look like we’re on a Stanley Kubrick set, and, for me, it’s about time.

Break That Mold

Enough of this “cookie-cutter” notion of the Mainland.

Whirled Peace

In the face of technology, one machine stands alone in a shining chrome rebellion.

Pseudo Relief

Buying cold medicine? Don’t act so suspicious!

Fear Factor

A scaredy-cat tries to embrace adventure.

Use It or Lose It

We’re so concerned with spreading democracy to other countries, but can’t be bothered to use it here at home.

Compassion’s New Face

New solutions to helping the homeless can seem, at first glance, pretty radical. Is Hawai’i ready to embrace them?