Author: A. Kam Napier, editor

Editor's Page:

Increasingly, car owners are on the wrong side of the tracks.

Passive Aggressive

The way some news stories are written, the truth can hide in plain view.

Looking Back

History comes alive, in this issue and in the Islands.

Live Well for Less

There’s something deeply satisfying about scoring a good deal.

Island Song

Our list of “The 50 Greatest Hawai‘i Songs” will have you singing along.

No Need Then

What is school for, if kids graduate unprepared for either work or college?

Designing Solutions

From toilet brushes to saving lives, good design speaks to who we are.

Another Way Home

send letters to the editor at Money may not buy happiness, but it ought to buy possibilities. When I look at the public discussion on transit in Honolulu, the sums at play are staggering. The city is poised to…

Working Late

Honolulu works and plays by moonlight.

Double Bind

Keep smoking—your health depends upon it!

The Artists

HONOLULU Magazine says goodbye to one art director, and welcomes another.

Pigeons and Doctors

An unexpected encounter with a bird reminded me why we need good doctors and hospitals.

The Music Issue

Island rhythms include more than Hawaiian music. In fact, there’s a world of music right outside your door.

Making the Grade

This year, we hand out the grades. How does your child’s school measure up?

All by Design

Hawai’i is home to a thriving community of creative design pros.

Making the Move

There's a story behind everyone who lives in the Islands.