HONOLULU Magazine - November 2007

Band Together

This month kicks off a round of marching band festivals in the islands, culminating in the 28th Annual UH Rainbow Invitational.

Name Over?

Many of the world’s great cities—Vancouver, London, San Francisco, New York—have places called Chinatown. I’m proud Honolulu is one of them.

Val's Way

Honolulu gets the first look at an international tribute to the icon of postwar Hawaiian architecture.

Books for Every Mood

The Greater Good: Life Lessons from Hawaii's Leaders You’re Feeling Sorry for Yourself Local luminaries in business, the arts and government - people such as Edgy Lee, Constance Lau and David Carey - talk story about pivotal moments in their…

Bones of Contention

Nearly 20 years ago, the State Historic Preservation Division was created to guard Hawaii's history in the face of rapid development. Today, Hawaiian activists, archaeologists and even developers say it's not doing its job.