HONOLULU Holiday Gift Guide 2021: 5 Great Local Books to Give, Chosen by the Experts

We reached out to our friends at Da Shop: Books + Curiosities to ask for their recommendations of what to give this holiday season.



Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer’s Guide

by Cecily Wong and Dylan Thuras

Gastro Obscura is the ultimate encyclopedia of food and culinary traditions from around the globe. This tome is complete with interesting anecdotes, photos, graphics and the low-down history of everything from graham crackers and chocolate to lime-cured bull testicles and Siberian sashimi (what is that?!). Hawai‘i, of course, is also included: On the menu are Spam, kiawe honey, sugarloaf pineapple and the plate lunch. Plus, there’s an explanation about the origins of “Hawaiian pizza” (clarifying it’s not really Hawaiian). Well researched and chock-full of details, this is a perfect reference book or unique gift for food lovers and travelers. —Lani Lee, bookseller at Da Shop: Books + Curiosities


The Hawaiian Survival Handbook

by Brother Noland

The Hawaiian Survival Handbook is the perfect gift not just for the dude or dad in your life but almost anyone else: the armchair nature lover, Hawaiiana enthusiast or even the serious outdoor adventurer. Written by Brother Noland with humor and a heart for his culture, this guidebook is both useful and entertaining! You never know, it may come in handy if you ever run into a boar, a shark, a jellyfish, or just want to go camping under the stars well prepared. —Lani Lee, bookseller at Da Shop: Books + Curiosities


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Petroglyphs Of Hawaii Journal Lynn Cook Credit Bess Press

Image: Bess Press



Petroglyphs of Hawai‘i (Nā Kiʻi Pōhaku), Art on the Rocks: A Journal of Adventure

by Lynn Cook

Capturing the wondrous recording of Hawai‘i’s past carved into stone, this journal is part historical record and part art history. Author Lynn Cook’s lifelong study and research of Hawaiʻi’s petroglyphs have made her an expert on Nā Kiʻi Pōhaku interpretation, and her illustrations spur the imagination to glimpse into the ancient voyaging and exploring world of Hawaiʻi’s forebears. The journal comes with a faux linen cover and the premium wood-free blank paper inside is perfect for drawing, sketching or writing, for work, school or personal musings. —David DeLuca, owner of Da Shop: Books + Curiosities


Only in Hawai‘i Journal

by Ann Kondo Corum

A blank journal capturing the humorous musings of all things local, author/illustrator Ann Kondo Corum’s collection of whimsical drawings depicting the unique and quirky habits of locals will have readers and journal enthusiasts laughing out loud. The “all-mix-up” charm of life in the Islands depicted in drawings on every other page provides a fun interactive experience for sketchers and note takers. —David DeLuca, owner of Da Shop: Books + Curiosities


Honu 5690 Shaowei Liu Credit Bess Press

Image: Bess Press



Honu 5690

written and illustrated by Shaowei Liu

This sweet new picture book is perfect for keiki who love the ocean and all its amazing creatures. Honu 5690 chronicles the incredible journey of a honu (green sea turtle) born into a preservation program in the French Frigate Shoals. Honu 5690 traverses the Pacific Ocean, eventually reappearing on a Maui beach to make her nest. Inspirational and educational, the story of Honu 5690 teaches keiki about the life cycle of green sea turtles and the preservation efforts to protect this endangered species. —Kristen Namba Reed, bookseller at Da Shop: Books + Curiosities



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