Farmers Market Favorite Onda Pasta is Back With More Shapes Than Ever

Oh, the pastabilities.


Hn2101 Ay Onda Pasta 1983 Numbered

1. Gigli; 2. paprika papardelle; 3. casarecce; 4. bucatini; 5. ube gnocchi; 6. short mafaldine; 7. black pepper rigatoni; 8. basil spaghetti; 9. gnocchetti sardi; 10. paprika tagliatelle; 11. fusilli; 12. penne. Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino



If you think the word gigli came from that 2003 Bennifer film considered to be one of the worst of all time, you need to eat more Italian food. The lily-shaped pasta also known as campanelle is one of a dozen styles available through Onda Pasta, made by Andrea Onetti.


Onetti first started Onda Pasta almost 10 years ago, then left the business, and the Islands, in 2017. He returned in 2019 to be with his daughter, Alba, and decided to pick up where he left off. Now he shares kitchen space with meal kit subscription service Fresh Box and spends as many as seven days a week cranking out fresh pasta in various shapes.


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Almost all come from the same basic recipe, but each shape serves a different purpose. Mafaldine, for instance, like skinny lasagna noodles, holds up well against chunky sauces, while bucatini, run through a different shaped die, allows thin, glossy sauces to fill its hollow center. Rigatoni, spaghetti, pappardelle, tagliatelle, penne, gnocchetti sardi, casarecce, fusilli—different textures allow customers to get creative with their dishes. Each pasta is made using powder-fine Italian 00 flour combined with local ingredients when possible.


Right now, you can find Onetti selling his pasta (and handcrafted sauces) at farmers markets in Kaka‘ako on Saturday mornings and in Kailua on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings. You can also order through  various community-supported agriculture boxes, as well as at Butcher & Bird and in dishes at Rigo. Find special flavors such as basil spaghetti in select Foodland stores and spinach spaghetti exclusively through Panda General Store, though you can also custom order flavors, such as black pepper, ube and paprika.


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