September 2004


Buying a Home, When You Think You Can’t Afford One.

Even as prices shoot through the roof, owning a home is still within your reach.

The life of an O‘ahu house

We took a look at 10 single-family houses up for sale in neighborhoods all over the island and researched what they sold for over the years.

It All Adds Up to Style

We did the math to come up with four great looks for four different budgets.

How much is your home worth now?


Calabash: Right-Side Up

Calabash: Q+A Brennon Morioka

Calabash: Kaua‘i Property Taxpayers Revolt

Calabash: Happy 50th, HTY!

Calabash: Fly Fishing

Dining: Broke But Happy In Chicago

For $200, Chicago offers some stunning dinners

From Our Files: September

Afterthoughts: Old-Timers Need Not Apply

Can it be too late to begin a life of international intrigue and adventure?