Author: Joan Conrow

Our Disappearing Nurses

A nursing shortage looms on the horizon, not just nationally, but also here in Hawaii. Can the problem be fixed before it's too late?

Dammed for All Time?

?Small farms and rural lifestyles hang in the balance as Kaua‘i scrutinizes its aging dams.

Who Grows There?

Hawai‘i is a hotbed for crops of genetically-modified organisms—GMOs. But is anyone keeping an eye on these experiments?

Kaua‘i Property Taxpayers Revolt

Kaua'i resident Ming Fang sensed the start of an ominous trend when his property taxes jumped from $500 to $2,400 between 2001 and 2002. But even that hefty hike didn't prepare him for the staggering $12,000 bill he received the…

The Battle for Papa‘a Bay

Kaua'i is legendary for its beaches, many of them immortalized by Hollywood. As old coastal trails and roads disappear behind fences and manicured landscaping, however, folks may find it easier to rent the movies showcasing these famous locales than to…