Author: Katherine Nichols

The Kids in the Club

  Josiah Kua and Jona Qoro, student leaders in the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii Photo: olivier koning Teenagers Josiah Kua and Jona Qoro stroll through the McCully clubhouse greeting youngsters, answering questions, urging kids to stand up straight…

The Reel Story

Hawaii’s Reel Stories becomes Honolulu's outlet for local filmmakers and film lovers

Anywhere the Wind Blows

    Photos courtesy of Martin Vari Ah, to be 22 and single, bronzed and fit. To travel the world half the year, making a living at your favorite hobby. To set your office hours by the wind. Such is…

Called to duty

This month, about 380 Army Reservists and 180 Army National Guardsmen from Hawai‘i will deploy to Iraq, leaving their families and jobs behind.

Guiding Principals

At the Principals Leadership Academy, even school leaders have homework-- finding ways to become better managers.

The Coming Summer Storm

Next summer, will Hawaii get caught up in a national hotel workers strike?

Bird Flu and You

Is Hawai’i ready for a pandemic such as bird flu? That depends on you.

Positive from Negatives

Project Focus puts cameras in the hands of disadvantaged kids, giving them--and us--a fresh perspective on their lives.

The Hand Up

Programs run by Catholic Charities Hawai'I help 25,000 people a year. Sermon-free.

Books: Settling for More

Two Honolulu-based authors are teaching readers how to take responsibility for their love lives.

Going Solo

Pam Chambers is a single woman who designs the holiday she wants every season. This year, her grown sons informed her they would spend Christmas with their father and his girlfriend in Hilo. The news filled her eyes with tears.…

Analyze This

The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) consults with local business owners to help them flourish.

Help on Horseback

Some children need therapy no human can provide. For them, a few hours on horseback can make all the difference.

School of the Heart

A dynamo creates a preschool specifically for the needs of families in her community.

Second Sight

Chris Cerna will never forget the day he decided to find his own way down the steps after a rehearsal with the Pearl City High School band. He promptly fell off the stage and landed on his tuba. His memory…

Life Stages

T-Shirt Theatre teaches kids as much about life as about drama.

Reading Aloud

It's not about books, really. The worn pages, colorful illustrations and printed words are important, but confined to the role of catalyst. It's really about human touch.Reading to my children before bedtime is a way to facilitate that touch, and…