Author: Kathryn Drury

Dining: Burning

Reviews of five Mexican restaurants in Honolulu, Quintero's, Compadres, Cha Cha Cha Salseria, El Burrito, La Bamba

Playing House

Shopping for things to improve and decorate your home's kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom.

In Search Of

Kathryn Drury meets and interviews the author of "West of Then" Tara Bray Smith

Lions Roar on Oahu

Hawaii World Invitational Lion Dance Championships are held in Honolulu.

Belly Up

Ohana Portraits does maternity portrait photographs, and Origin Birth Creations does bellycasts for pregnant women.

No Dogs Allowed

Island pet owners are left with few housing options.

Valentine’s Chocolates

"Oh, I couldn't possibly," she says, her hand nevertheless reaching toward the proffered box. Chocolate represents all that is decadent, delicious and exotic. Even Casanova was reportedly a great fan of chocolate's erotic qualities-and that was a man who knew…

Fortune Seller

Shoppers with a nose for the new have discovered a tiny fashion outpost in our own back yard.

The 21st Annual Hale ‘Aina Awards

HONOLULU Magazine's Hale 'Aina Awards are the most prized dining awards in the Islands. Debuting in 1984, they were the first awards to recognize local tastes-rather than those of Mainland magazines. Hale 'Aina means "eating place." It is the closest…

David Sedaris

World-class smart-ass David Sedaris makes his first appearance in Honolulu on Nov. 13.

Music to our Eyes

We asked area musicians to help us interpret the sound of clothing.

Hooked on Japanese TV

Along with Extreme Makeover and American Idol, one of my favorite "guilty TV" pleasures is a Japanese soap opera on KIKU, called Making It Through. I eagerly watch the misadventures of little, ponytailed Hina, her ambitious mother and her meddling…

Egg Him On

You wouldn't think an egg could ward off evil or keep your house from burning down, unless, of course, you are familiar with pysanky, the Ukrainian folk art of elaborately dyed eggs. A Ukrainian friend of mine explained how the…

Q+A Stephen Little

Q: You've called your current position your "dream job." Why? A: You can do things with works of art that really illuminate the world. People are only here in the museum for half hour to an hour. Yet in that…

Best of Honolulu 2004

Our annual guide to living better in Honolulu by readers and editors. The Best of Honolulu