November 2007


Houseguests From Hell

"Make yourself at home." How many times have you said that very phrase to your houseguests? It's a singulary gracious sentiment, with only one problem: Someone might take you up on it.



Even if you don’t surf, there’s plenty to do in this historic North Shore town.

Greener Pastors and Go Fish

A national initiative helps local congregations see the connection between faith and fluorescent bulbs.

Looking Back

History comes alive, in this issue and in the Islands.


November 2007

Potted Pleasures

Turn drab spaces into compact, low-maintenance sanctuaries.

Name Over?

Many of the world’s great cities— Vancouver, London, San Francisco, New York—have places called Chinatown. I’m proud Honolulu is one of them.

Liquid Roots

The third generation of the Ho family shows no signs of getting out of the surf.

Books for Every Mood

Jump-start Your Day!

Have trouble getting into gear in the morning? Crank up your routine with these men’s grooming products.

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Val's Way

Honolulu gets the first look at an international tribute to the icon of postwar Hawaiian architecture.