November 2007


Houseguests From Hell

Houseguests From Hell

"Make yourself at home." How many times have you said that very phrase to your houseguests? It's a singulary gracious sentiment, with only one problem: Someone might take you up on it.


Letters to the Editor: Letters

...on geometry, Dorie-Ann Kahale and cheap eats.

Shopping: Jump-start Your Day!

Have trouble getting into gear in the morning? Crank up your routine with these men’s grooming products.

Architecture: Val's Way

Honolulu gets the first look at an international tribute to the icon of postwar Hawaiian architecture.

Do It Yourself: Potted Pleasures

Turn drab spaces into compact, low-maintenance sanctuaries.

Entertainment: Books for Every Mood

Sports: Liquid Roots

The third generation of the Ho family shows no signs of getting out of the surf.

Environment: Greener Pastors and Go Fish

A national initiative helps local congregations see the connection between faith and fluorescent bulbs.

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Afterthoughts: Name Over?

Many of the world’s great cities—Vancouver, London, San Francisco, New York—have places called Chinatown. I’m proud Honolulu is one of them.

Editor's Page: Looking Back

History comes alive, in this issue and in the Islands.