May 2006


Grading the Public Schools

For the third year, we’ve compiled official DOE data on 259 public schools statewide and used it to grade and rank our schools.

Hilo Rising

In 1999, this magazine visited Hilo and found a community in trouble. Now, art dealers hold more sway than drug dealers, and Hilo is building a future to rival its storied past.

A Mid-Century Time Capsule

A recently discovered treasure trove of vivid Kodachrome slides takes us back to the futuristic ‘50s, when modernist architecture was all the rage in Hawai’i.


Letters to the Editor: Letters - May

Calabash: First Person: Mud + Memories

Honolulu-based photographer Lucy Pemoni shares her account of the tragic aftermath of the Philippine mudslides.

Calabash: Music Review

Herb Ohta Jr. and Daniel Ho, Step 2: ‘Ukuleles in Paradise 2, Daniel Ho Creations

Calabash: Down on the … Seahorse Farm?

Recognizing a market for these elegant sea creatures, a Big Island company carefully raises them in captivity.

Calabash: Clipping Service

Calabash: Q+A

UH President David McClain

Calabash: To Do List

Use this checklist to change your humdrum office cube into a space that’s colorful, decorative and, dare we say, fun.

Calabash: Up in the Air

Patient transport raises larger concerns about Hawai’i’s medical system.

Calabash: Must … Hold … On

Calabash: Books: A Foodie’s City

A new book by Joan Namkoong covers everything Island-food-related, from the ubiquitous use of shoyu to the history of the saloon pilot cracker.

Calabash: Our Town: Bishop Street

Calabash: Flood Cleanup

Calabash: Nature: Lehua Blooms

When you should--and when you shouldn’t--pick this flower.

Calabash: A Don't-Miss Exhibit

Dining: All Greek to Me

Full of the flavors of the sun and sea, this ancient cuisine is worth revisiting.

From Our Files: From Our Files – May

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific, chronicling the Islands since 1888.

Afterthoughts: Game Theory

For me, trying out for a game show proved far more entertaining than actually watching one.