March 2012


Na Puka Kula: Hawaiian Immersion Graduates

Na Puka Kula: Hawaiian Immersion Graduates

Some of the first graduates of the Hawaiian immersion schools have been out on their own in the adult world for a few years now. We caught up with four of them for their reflections on the schools,...

Best of Honolulu 2012

Best of Honolulu 2012

Honolulu is packed with so much great stuff, it can be hard to know where to begin. To give you a headstart, we’ve explored the city to find the best products, services, food and...

John Heckathorn Reports...

John Heckathorn Reports...

Over the course of 27 years, John Heckathorn wrote hundreds of articles for HONOLULU Magazine before he passed away suddenly in December 2011. Here are excerpts from some of our favorite pieces.


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Letters to the Editor: Feedback

...on John Heckathorn's career with HONOLULU Magazine.

News: Governor Fasttrack?

I'm reading over at Civil Beat about how Gov. Neil Abercrombie supports Senate Bill 755 in Hawaii.

News: Unsolicited Radio Advice for KPOI

KPOI, would it kill you to hire some DJs?

News: Honolulu Academy of Arts Reborn with New Name

Born Again: A merged Honolulu Academy of Arts sheds its maiden name.

News: Civil Unions Recognized in Hawaii

In January 2012, the State of Hawaii began recognizing Civil Unions.

Food: Teas of Hawaii: Coffee Cherries

New Brew: This coffee product thinks outside the bean.

Around Town: A Bloody Mary Quest in Honolulu

The search for the town’s best Bloody.

Around Town: Things to Do in March in Hawaii

It’s spring! Get out of the house, laugh out loud, take flight and watch Tahitian troupes dance.

Dining: Teas of Hawaii: Coffee Cherries

New Brew: This coffee product thinks outside the bean.

Afterthoughts: Afterthoughts: Quonset Cool

Curved, corrugated, casual—Hawaii’s kamaboko houses are prefab-ulous.

Editor's Page: Editor's Page: Quest for the Best

The March Best of Honolulu issue is a reader favorite, and a pleasure to research.