March 2010


Best of Honolulu 2010

Best of Honolulu 2010

Honolulu is full of amazing stuff and we found the best of it. From sandwiches to swimming lessons, first dates to funky shoes; think of this as your key to living better and cheaper in the city.

Hawaii Family Court

Hawaii Family Court

Hawaii’s Family Court of the First Judicial Circuit is a place no one wants to go, and a place we couldn’t live without. Writer Jana Wolff gained special access to the court to shed some light...


Letters to the Editor: Feedback

...on global warming, fluoride in water and two restaurants at the top.

Dining Reviews: Dining: Trumped

We try three—oops, make that two-and-a-half—new hotspots at the Trump International.

Exclusives Module: A Preview of Next Month's Issue

How does your paycheck stack up? For April, we wrote about money.

Calabash: Things to Do in March in Hawaii

Things to Do in March in Hawaii, March 2010 Honolulu Magazine

Our Town: Harp Therapy

A retired RN puts her antique harp to good use.

Food: Steaking Out Oahu

Hungry for success, everyone’s hopping on the steak wagon. The steak wagon market is booming on Oahu, spawning numbers of competitors.

Around Town: Toast Masters

Profile about the annual Guinness Irish Toast Contest in Honolulu

Shopping: Cottage Industry Plugs In

Etsy helps Hawaii crafters bring their handmade products to shoppers around the world.

Music Review: CD Reviews: Ian MacMillan and Tom Moffatt: 50 Years of Music in Hawaii

Reviews of Ian Macmillan's The Bone Hook, and Tom Moffatt's 50 Years of Music in Hawaii.

Entertainment: Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority

Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority. A documentary. An interview with the creator.

Sports: Hawaii's Champion Figure Skater

Jennifer Jones, a figure skater from Hawaii, surprises the skating world.

Environment: Trickle-down Effect

A guide to our watersheds.

Dining: Dining: Trumped

We try three—oops, make that two-and-a-half—new hotspots at the Trump International.

From Our Files

From Our Files, March 2010, Honolulu Magazine.

Afterthoughts: Afterthoughts: Next Stop, Portland

We’d better staunch this flow of ex-pats or we’re not going to have any citizens left in Honolulu.

Editor's Page: Editor's Page: In Search of the Best

A few idiosyncratic picks of Honolulu highlights from the editor.