June 2006


Listen Up!

From Jazz to Rock to Reggae, Hawaii’s creating great music.

Hot and Bothered

With clothes this sultry, even scorching summer days can’t wilt our fashion sense.


Clipping Service



Shopping: All Fired Up

Barbecue like a pro this summer with these made-for-the-grill accessories.

Media: Watch and Listen

Three good reasons to tune in this month.

White Night

The Skyline turns two, with a big anniversary bash, June 3.


Laura E. Thielen

All the Right Moves

At only 15 years old, a Mililani chess champ is checking opponents at the national level.

Nature: Summer Lovin’ in Waikiki

Romance is in the air—well, in the fish tanks, at this annual event.

Lobster Jelly and Other Surprises

Japanese cuisine never loses its ability to astonish.

The Music Issue

Island rhythms include more than Hawaiian music. In fact, there’s a world of music right outside your door.

First Person: Mall Flood!

The author learns something about human nature—and herself—as Kahala Mall fills with floodwater.

Island Orbit

How to spot satellites and space junk in Hawai’i’s nighttime sky.

By the Numbers

From Our Files - June

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific, chronicling the Islands since 1888.

Letters – June

Music Review

The Girlas, Now or Never, Kototama Productions

Mutants in My Kitchen

If you fought back an urge to swat the screen, you are not alone.

The Sandman

You see a beach—Dan Belcher sees building material.