Author: Shane Nelson

Don't Try This Without a Lawyer

The next time you find yourself wondering whether or not you need a lawyer, take a moment to consider this old legal adage: He who represents himself has a fool for a client.

Sport of Kings

The Honolulu Cricket Club carries on a proud tradition.

Emissary in Art

While Hawaii athletes trained for this month’s Olympic games, some of Waianae artist Mark Kadota’s work was already on display in Beijing.

Personal Best

You’ve already heard of decathlete Bryan Clay, but watch out for these other Hawaii natives chasing gold at the Summer Olympics in Beijing this month.

Roller Revival

More than 30 years after its heyday, roller derby is back.

Delving Deeper

Scientists get an unprecedented look at Hawaii's reefs.

Channel Chaser

A local long-distance swimmer preps for her biggest challenge yet.

All the Right Moves

At only 15 years old, a Mililani chess champ is checking opponents at the national level.