February 2007

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Zen on the Ridge

A challenging Hawai‘i Loa Ridge spot proves to be the perfect catalyst for a low-key, Japanese-style home for this Chicago couple.

The Business of Love

Meet five of our Islands’ love experts.
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Arts: Drawing From Memory

A new exhibit delves into the process of perception.

Community: Fresh Start

Could the state’s new approach to homelessness on the Leeward Coast end the problem once and for all?

Media: Lost on Location

They came from different countries and backgrounds, but these Honolulu restaurateurs now share the same passions: good food, fresh ingredients and feeding a legion of happy customers.


Planned Parenthood’s Ann Rahall

Things Are Looking Up

There’s a lot to be optimistic about, it turns out.

Old Friends, Good Wine

Cheers to a civilized night out.

Whirled Peace

In the face of technology, one machine stands alone in a shining chrome rebellion.

From Our Files


Letters 2|07

Environment: Calling all Humpbacks

A cooperative research project took a comprehensive look at whales.

Good Things in Small Packages

Honolulu’s shopping scene continues to explode, with urban, hip boutiques popping up like ali‘i mushrooms. Here’s a sampling of notable offerings in women’s clothing.

Year of the Boar

Our Town: Name That Building

The ’50s and ’60s were a fertile period for Honolulu architecture. See if you can identify these beautifully funky buildings from the Statehood era.

Music Review

Various Artists, Everybody Loves Bob Marley, Neos Productions

Kapahulu Kafé

A visit to a new ‘awa bar

Books: Bumbye Hawai‘i

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