August 2007


Ballots for Buildings

The Dish on Neighbor Islands

For people who love dining out, juicy food gossip is almost as satisfying as the stuff you read in supermarket tabloids.

Cheap Eats

Hungry for good values, we combed through the Islands in pursuit of delicious meals for $20 or less. We lunched, we brunched, we wined, we dined. And we found you can eat well, accompanied only by a minted portrait of Andrew Jackson. The secret is not just knowing where to go, but what to order. So grab your wallet, and follow us.

Field of Creams

North Manoa Valley

We found centuries of history tucked in Manoa Valley.

Along Beretania

A fascinating road lives in the shadow of King Street.

On the Tube

A roundup of Honolulu’s most entertaining YouTube videos.

In-Your-Face Theater

Hawaii’s Shakespearean innovators take their show downtown.

The Big Question

With the start of the Rainbow Wahine volleyball season, all fans want to know is: Who will replace Kamanao?

Israel Kamakawiwoole's Wonderful World

Wonderful World, Israel Kamakawiwoole, (Mountain Apple Co.)



7 Reasons to Get Out


Thirty Years at the Table

A 30-year memoir of Honolulu restaurants, served in five courses.

Native Roots

After one of Hawaii’s most devastating forest fires, Maui’s Kula Forest Reserve gets a second life.

From Our Files

August archives

Benign Beauty


Gawk This Way

Every time a honu is ashore, humans gather to watch. What would happen if they turned the tables?

Baby, It’s You

Innovative baby products to go gaga over.