Your Top 5: The Most Popular Honolulu Comfort Food Stories in 2021

Noodles, doughnuts and a whole lot of fried goodness were what we all craved this year. Amazingly, loco mocos did not make it on the list.


Editor’s Note: We’re going to take a break for the holiday weekend. Wishing you ‘onolicious season’s eatings and we’ll see you in 2022!


If you ever had a moment in the past year when you wanted to curl up in a corner around a bowl of ramen, a burger or any other dish oozing with homey goodness, we hear you. When we went through our most-read posts, we saw that comfort foods were on the top of all of our lists. Here are the top five finds that soothed our local food souls in 2021. Dig in.


No. 5: This Instagram Doughnut Sensation Sells Out Every Week in Honolulu


Little Vessels Box Maria Burke

Photo: Maria Burke


Since we learned it’s truly hip to be square, these four-rounded-corner vegan doughnuts have gone even more over the top. We spotted a milk-and-cookie rendition with a vegan condensed milk glaze with two whole chocolate chip cookies on top during the holidays.




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No. 4: Hawai‘i’s Best Korean Shave Ice is Inside a Supermarket


En Hakkore Bingsu Credit Thomas Obungen

Photo: Thomas Obungen


With the upcoming redevelopment of this part of Ke‘eaumoku Street, En Hakkore closed in early 2022. We loved the memory of heading past 88 Supermarket’s grapes, strawberries, lettuce and other grocery store fare to find the best bowl of Korean shave ice.





No. 3: What to Eat at the Okinawan Feastival


Sunrise Restaurant Pig Feet Soup Okinawan Festival Photo Reid Shimabukuro Okinawan Festival

Photo: Courtesy of the Okinawan Festival


The Okinawan Festival won’t be back until Labor Day, but this annual roundup of special items sold for the event can serve as a great list of Uchinanchu restaurants year round. If you’re just craving a little fried dough, check out our guide to where to get andagi any time.




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No. 2: Comfort Food for the Soul: My Top 6 Restaurant Picks on O‘ahu Right Now


Inaba Chirashi And Soba Set

Photo: Maria Burke


Maria Burke joined the Frolic team in May and we welcomed her with open tables and forks ready. What could be a better introduction than her very first story listing her six favorite places to eat right now? We learned about a place that lets you choose your shoyu, where she finds a favorite soba, why she always invites a group of people to dine out (it’s not just for the company) and the only meal she’ll drive three hours to get.





No. 1: What the Cluck? 3 New Korean Fried Chicken Shops to Try on O‘ahu


Kfc Roundup Restaurant Credit Thomas Obungen 9

Photo: Thomas Obungen


When three new Korean fried chicken places opened in just two weeks, we jumped out of the fat into the fryer. (Sorry, it had to be done.) I mean, we had the headline ready. Contributing dining editor Thomas Obungen drove from Waipahu to Kakaako to try all three crispy, craveable offerings and side dishes. We also just updated the information on a fourth KFC spot that opened a few months ago.